Waste Less Works is a locally-owned deconstruction business that serves to reduce waste in commercial and residential demolition projects. Our desire is to provide a valuable service to businesses and homeowners in Missoula, Montana and the greater Northwest.  


Waste Less Works provides an alternative to traditional demolition. Unlike traditional demolition where a building is bulldozed and trucked to the landfill, deconstruction takes extra effort dismantling a building to ensure that all salvageable materials remain in good condition and are saved for reuse and recycling.  Deconstruction recognizes that an existing building contains a great deal of embodied energy and reusable materials; and in turn, these materials provide affordable options to homeowners or business owners doing remodels,  renovations, or tenant improvements. Examples of these salvaged items include: crown moldings, hardwood floors, bricks, lumber, insulation, leaded windows, cabinets, etc. Salvaged materials acquired from job sites are either sold to the community, typically at a significantly lower price than retail value, or donated to Home Resource.   


We have a 100% success rate of finishing projects on time.  Projects range from 60,000 square foot apartment complexes to single car garage dismantle projects.  It is of great importance that we have clear communication with our clients, so that we can meet their expectations, budget, and timeline.

Interesting Facts
  • US EPA has estimated that U.S. companies generate 136 million tons of building related construction and demolition (C&D) waste per year.

  • 92% of building related C&D waste is from renovation and demolition.

  • C&D waste is approximately 30% of all solid waste produced in this country, excluding road and bridge debris.